Monday, 30 September 2013

Genevieve Threatens To Slap EME Singer Skales If He Mentions Her Name In His Lyrics Again

This  is very interesting!! The nollywood diva, Geneveive Nnaji has threatened to slap young rising EME singer and rapper, Skales If he mentions her name in his lyrics again. Skales probably never saw this coming. Well, for those who don't know, Skales in a song titled "No time" time” said that genevieve was top on his list and he wants to give her the D, but now Skales might get the ‘S-lap’.haha 
The nollywood star actress issued a statement this on saturday, 28th september to one of our reporters, and I quote:
“Can you imagine that boy telling me he wants to give me the D ..what does he know, is the D sef? ..that is by the way..the next time i hear him mention my name in his lyrics again, I’m gonna give him a dirty slap, he’ll never forget..what sort of nonsense, am I his mate? how much does he have?” 
Banky W was contacted but all he could say was “I told Skales..upcoming artist don’t mention her name in songs…now we have to go and beg all together….Wizkid is already buying her gifts..we cant spoil EME’s name, A slap on Skales is a slap on the whole family”
XoXO ahalistic..


  1. Lol. Fuji House Of Commotion! Well, I like this. #iWasHere

  2. lol na na only diva dey for the world the girl wey no even fine ris my mama....una just dey downgrade na self if na me he tell like dat make she dey expect hard punch for her face too

  3. Banky you will finally fall my hands if you go begging. Hey! Skales is a man period.

  4. Can you imagine someone called Diva acting like this. Banky do not beg, if you do, chai!........ I will personally call you. Please let Skales be, he is man period.


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